Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera Review

Digital meets vintage for instant results

There’s no need for the hassle of computers and printers when you’ve got an instant camera! These stylish, convenient cameras have been reemerging in popularity for the past couple of years due to their vintage characteristics. With a big name in film such as Polaroid existing to this day, the classic instant camera has been given a modern look with a moderate price tag in the Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera. Compact, easy to use and a ton of fun for adults and children alike, the photos can be used as stickers, in scrapbooks or to add a 60’s, 70’s or 80’s touch to any project.

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A retro feel with new age technologypolaroid snap

This camera is reminiscent of an old Polaroid film camera but with half the bulk. It will easily slide into your pocket, and has a wrist strap to ensure its safety while you’re out and about. Available in blue, red, white or classic black, this minimalistic camera appeals most markedly to the contemporary-look enthusiast. It compares well to other instant film cameras such as the Fujifilm Instax Mini 70, however this Polaroid Snap has the option to save your snaps digitally. This camera has a micro SD card slot that allows the user to put in a micro SD card to save each photo taken in the digital form for later, to use on social media or to store for future viewing. There is no preview window which means you can’t select which photo you would like to print on the paper – you snap a picture and it prints immediately! Even the simplest of instant cameras require a bit of practice to master, and the Polaroid Snap is no exception. Primarily a daylight only camera, it takes some time and experimentation to perfect the angle and achieve the proper image in the viewfinder to obtain the desired effect on your photo. All the practice is well worth it though – an instant camera can be incorporated into numerous activities, such as crafts for kids or for a fun way for guests to document your upcoming wedding or party while having a small memento from the event.

Customize your photos

There are three settings for your photos – regular, black and white, and vintage. Each setting snaps a photo, not unlike those you can get developed straight from film, onto specialized paper. The photos are about the size of a business card. There is also the option to add a classic white border, and an option to load it with sticker paper that can be used to print your photos as stickers! With a 10-megapixel sensor on the camera, the photos come out consistently sharp in under a minute. This camera is renowned for its simplicity, as it is a point and shoot model with few reports of paper jams, overly complicated settings or hardware malfunctions.

polaroidsnap side

Recharge and do it all again!

The camera comes with a cord to recharge from a computer, much like your average cellphone, as well as a tripod mount for group shots. It is also equipped with a 10 second timer, for those times you want to be in the photo yourself! The lens cap is magnetic and clicks on with ease. There is no alert to tell you when the lens cap is still on, therefore you should be aware that you won’t see it through the viewfinder! There is no option for zoom or wide-angle shots as this is primarily a camera for non-professionals who would like the experience of an instant camera without the hefty investment in equipment.

A unique experience

The appeal of these nifty cameras lies in the satisfaction of holding your photo in your palm moments after it is captured. No digital camera can replicate the nostalgic touch, sound and smell of a developing photo, but the Polaroid Snap provides a neat, affordable crossover between the digital age and the vintage novelties. Each click produces a one-of-a-kind, physical shot with a hint of artistic exclusivity that cannot be reproduced. With practice, this camera could prove to be a favourite for recording the most important memories in our lives.

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