Polaroid One600 Classic Instant Camera

Think Polaroid Cameras Have Become Extinct? Think Again!

Have you ever felt nostalgic for the days we used Polaroid cameras? You might ask, “Aren’t those the bulky cameras that spit out the film and you have to peel the negative and wait for the picture to dry? Isn’t this taking a step backwards with technology? Why on Earth would I want one?”

Sure, but that’s kind of the point. There’s a certain charm about Polaroid pictures because they’re more intimate for photographers like you. Just consider this, you hold more control of who shares your pictures; it’s a way of limiting your work between three people in person versus three hundred on social media.

Have you ever heard of those digital detox camps? It’s a retreat where people hand in their electronics and live off the grid for a while. Polaroid cameras are kind of like that for photographers because you’re appreciating the simple joy of an outdated technology. Here’s a secret though, it’s only outdated to those who see it that way. Readers like you might see it differently.

I love Polaroids cameras. Where do I find an old school one that still work?Polaroid One600 review

You don’t have to! The Polaroid One600 Classic Instant Camera is the modern version of those cameras. It’s the ideal product for people who are both immersed in digital technology and share affection for the vintage charm of Polaroid pictures.

What makes this camera better than the older models?


This camera is only 3.1 inches in height, 8 inches is in dimension and 5.8 inches in width. The bellows on older models can often be space consuming and prone to damage. The One600 Classic doesn’t have bellows but rather a fully protected flash bulb that extends upwards. This helps reduce the risk of damage when moving around taking pictures.

Digital touch:

An LCD readout is on the back on the camera and provides you with the current number of photos remaining in your camera. You can clearly see if you have enough film in your camera that will be enough to handle one event of photography. You won’t catch yourself in an embarrassing moment when you run out of film.

Cost effectiveness:

This doesn’t really apply to the price of the camera itself so much as its ability of reducing waste of perfectly usable film. The auto flash has a setting that illuminates any subject enough to remove red-eye in photos. With each film sheet exceeding up to two dollars in price, it’s to your financial advantage you have a camera that uses them properly. Unlike digital cameras, there is a cost to repeat your efforts with Polaroid cameras.


With its folding design, it’s more condensed than older models and enables you to carry it around with minimal concern of storing it away properly. As for the sleek, colorful and futuristic look, think of it as a nice modernized touch of an antique device. I get that some of you are reading this because you may want to go fully vintage here, but if your aim is to take a classic Polaroid picture and you don’t mind these cosmetic differences, this camera is perfect for you.

So what makes the camera better than a digital camera?

Again, that touch of nostalgia will be missing. But if this is a low priority for you, think of all the things that made the Polaroid cameras so fun and convenient in the past. At parties, where’s the fun of skimming through a slideshow of pictures on your phone when you can hand them out instantly?

Remember, this camera is perfect for family events or surprise parties. Like the old-school Polaroid cameras, they’re intended for up-close pictures of people and not, say, pictures of natural scenery that are hundreds of yards into the distance.

Also, no matter how many filters they use, smartphones and digital cameras will never capture that nostalgic “look” as effectively as a Polaroid camera. And even if they did, the finished product will never issue you a physical photo.

Bottom line:

Thhe Polaroid One600 Classic Instant Camera is ideal for those who love vintage Polaroid pictures but have no interest in navigating the controls of a non-digital device — or more importantly, are skeptical of using camera models that exceed 40-50 years in age. If you want to revisit the past, do it with style and pick up the Polaroid One600 today!

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