Polaroid Camera for Kids

Are These Still Even In Production?

There are items in life that overtime dwindle away and are far less significant as they once were. Take the Videocassette Recorder or VCR for example, this device was so widely popular throughout the 80s and 90s. Everyone who owned a television also owned a VCR, yet this was short lived as companies began producing new technology such as the DVD player. So I ask the question, if the VCR was completely replaced by the DVD player, why is the Polaroid Camera still around with the Digital Camera? Even more so why are kids, born into technology embracing these Polaroid Cameras?

Polaroid Camera for Kids – They’re Catchy

Let’s face it, kids nowadays have way more available to them then their past generations and when it comes to owning a camera, everyone has one. Although the vast majority of cameras are digital, the Polaroid still remains to be a commodity desired by many, especially by kids because it’s something they can have fun with. Being that pictures are snapped and posted left and right, many kids have the desire to be perceived as the one with the nifty toy. Quite honestly taking pictures with a Polaroid Camera is not something people see every day, and when they do it’s not viewed as weird, but unique. You see, when little Ariella goes outside to play with her friends and show off her new Polaroid Camera, the neighborhood kids will be lining up to get their picture taken. The concept to them is fascinating, with a click of a button this little camera immediately prints off their photo right on the spot. Now, had this been a Digital Camera, nowhere near as much attention would have been drawn as kids have their picture taken all the time by mom and dad. Half the time they are just being blinded by their parent’s camera which can be annoying to them, as a father I can testify to this.

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A Hobby They’ll Enjoy

Photography is an exciting activity, in fact it is so entertaining that it has become a hobby many people, especially kids become obsessed with. Once a kid takes a photo it is viewed a dozen times on their camera, over and over again they go back to view it, changing the filters and finding ways to make it more creative. What’s nice about the Polaroid Camera is that the photos are taken immediately and become a piece of art in that child’s hand and available for a wide variety of creations. From scrapbooking to collages to even the simple refrigerator pictures, Polaroid Cameras produce a vast array of possibilities that can be done. Don’t get me wrong now, Digital Cameras have the possibility of producing prints just like a Polaroid does, however not many people bother creating the prints anymore unless they absolutely need them. Because these prints are readily available, children find ways to make use of them by creating works of art for their room, the house, gifts to their parents, they even come in handy for school projects. With all these possibilities it is hard to find a legitimate reason why we shouldn’t put more of these cameras in the hands of our children.

Oh Sweet Memories

What is sweeter than being able to reflect on your child’s life, or even providing them with the means of being able to reflect on their own? I know you are thinking candy and you are probably right but the point I am trying to make is this, going through a box of old photos can really do a great deal for the heart. Seeing photos of your family or even yourself when you were a child definitely hits home and becomes memories that we all love to share. With a Polaroid Camera in our children’s hands we can even take this a step further. As a parent, we are always on the lookout, but the one thing we will never be able to see is how our kids view life. We continually take pictures of them for everyone’s memories but we never really have a box of their own memories. By providing children with a Polaroid Camera we will forever cement their special moments for years to come.

More to Life than Technology

As our kids are born into the world of technology, we struggle to find ways to keep their faces away from the cellphone. Constantly they are obsessed with social media and posting the newest photos of themselves. What would happen if we were able to provide them with a Polaroid Camera instead of a Digital Camera? This would far lessen the amount of time our children would worry about trying to find the best selfie to post and concentrate more on life and the world as whole. Kids would have the desire to take photos of not only people but also nature and things they view as important. Photography is a major part of life and it does feel as though Digital Cameras in the hands of our kids have limited photography to the daily selfie, so why not give that a change.

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The Polaroid Makes its Return

When we think of an outdated product still in use, we envision the elderly not letting go of what they have always used. Yet here we are discussing the Polaroid Camera and its use for our children. As we have noted, the Polaroid has many benefits that you can’t quite achieve as easily with a Digital Camera. Although both camera’s in the hands of our children produce the same product, the Polaroid Camera opens a vast amount of doors a child wouldn’t realize existed with a Digital Camera. It’s simply a product that was well developed and will continue to serve a useful purpose for not only children but people of all ages. I have never had a strong pull towards photography but after realizing the potential that the Polaroid Camera possesses, I will definitely be placing one under the Christmas tree for my daughter.

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